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The industry is currently experiencing a huge shift as stylists leave commission-based positions in droves to pursue entrepreneurial freedom.  Salon suites are popping up on every corner, and for a long time were considered the only alternative.  I'm all about a gray area, therefore I believed there was a way to connect the camaraderie, amenities & resources of a salon environment with the independence and flexibility of a suite.



Similar to a suite, tailor your business to meet the needs of you & your clients.  Color lines, products, services, hours & pricing  - it's all yours to decide.  We're just here to provide you with a beautiful space & quality equipment.


- Reception/scheduling
- Assistant

- Station, backlit LED mirror, chairs

- Wall-mount dryer

- Shampoo sinks with                hoses

- Coffee/tea/espresso/filtered water/snacks for guests

- Break room with fridge/microwave/utensils

- Large storage unit with lock to keep color & product in mixing room

- All utilities

- Backbar tools such as clips, brushes, cotton, caps

- Ring light

- Foot traffic

- Retail*


- Tools

- Color

- Foils/Clips/Combs, etc.

- Backbar product

- Color Tray

*A very small variety of retail will be sold through the salon with rent-discount incentives for independent stylists.  You can also sell your own product!


Our salon coordinator Nicole has over 10 years experience working in high volume salons getting to know each & every stylist's timing, preferences & clients.  She will be the friendly face your clients will rely on to schedule their appointments. The goal is to take the weight off your shoulders, so that you can focus on hair while you're in the building and know that your work day is over when you leave.

The booking system is called              , and each stylist will gain access to an app that can be downloaded straight to their phone.  Accounts are private and only you and the master computer will have access to your personal schedule, allowing you to make as many additions, modifications or scheduling changes as you please on your own time if need be.

*It is important to us that stylists feel safe importing their client details into the salon's booking system.  To ensure this trust, there will be a mutually signed contract stating that at the departure of a stylist, their client information will be permanently deleted from the system.  Phorest was carefully selected due to features making this process simple. 



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